Soap Star Calls Ivanka Trump A 'Nazi'...The Reason Is Bizarre

Soap Star Calls Ivanka Trump A 'Nazi'...The Reason Is  Bizarre
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Soap star Nancy Lee Grahn attacked Ivanka Trump for being a Nazi on Sunday...for posting a picture of her family's new dog. As Breitbart reports:

Soap star Nancy Lee Grahn reiterated her disdain for the Trump family in a tweet posted Sunday, smearing White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump as a Nazi after she posted a picture of her family’s new dog, Winter.

Trump tweeted a photo of her family’s newest furry addition – or what she called “Arabella’s birthday dream come true” – in a tweet to her 6.7 million Twitter followers Saturday. Grahn pounced and went on the attack.

“How darling. I see you skipped a rescue and went straight to an Aryan breeder. Does it sit and sieg heil yet?” Grahn said, making a clear Nazi reference.


The General Hospital star has long been an outspoken opponent of the Trump family. Last week, Grahn called Trump an “evidenced lunatic” who has “mortifyingly not been impeached yet” due to Republicans in the Senate.

If owning a white dog is now considered a mark of being a Nazi, what's next? Buying eggs from the grocery store? When will this liberal lunacy finally end?
 Source: American Update

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