Sportswriter Claims Trump Cheats at Golf

Sportswriter Claims Trump Cheats at Golf

In a new book sportswriter Rick Reilly claims that President Trump cheats at golf and how he was opposed in building a golf course.

According to Fox News:

The latest anti-Trump exposé isn't about Russia collusion, his taxes or his tweets. It's about his favorite pastime.

A new book from longtime sportswriter Rick Reilly on the president's relationship with golf takes more than a few swings at the commander-in-chief -- detailing how Trump ran into local opposition while building one of his international courses, and including allegations from fellow players that he cheats.

Reilly, a former Sports Illustrated and ESPN columnist, detailed in his book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump” how Trump once found himself in an ugly spat with locals as he made moves to build the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2006.

According to Reilly, Trump thought the properties surrounding the planned site of his course were “ugly,” and tried to convince two property owners to sell him their land -- before he showed "official interest" in the constructing the course.

Reilly went on to say that Trump cheats at the highest level and does so even when people are watching.

 Source: American Update

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