Stormy Announces She Wants a Wall

Stormy Announces She Wants a Wall
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Stormy has decided she wants a wall. She wants a wall built around a Catholic high school that is embroiled in a made up controversy. She also wants it to be electrified.

According to The Daily Wire:

On Saturday night, teenagers from a Catholic high school in Kentucky were smeared by the media for allegedly harassing a Native American man who served in the Vietnam War. Full video context painted a far different picture, however: the boys from Covington Catholic High School, attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., were confronted by the protester, Nathan Phillips, and harassed by another activist group.


The facts of the situation did not stop hot takes from pouring in online, nor did it inspire apologies and retractions from everyone who wrongly condemned, doxxed, and smeared the young men.

One of the unrepentent hot-take spewers was none other than Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford), the porn star famously suing President Donald Trump.

Daniels called the teens "disgusting punks" via Twitter and suggested they be interned by an electrified wall in the state of Kentucky. "I'm suddenly in favor of building a wall...around Covington Catholic High in KY," she wrote. "And let's electrify it to keep those disgusting punks from getting loose and creating more vileness in society."

  The tweet was removed but it has not been confirmed if she did it voluntarily or Twitter employees did it for her.

 Source: American Update

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