Taylor Swift's Father Deactivates Facebook After Conservative Views Revealed

Taylor Swift's Father Deactivates Facebook After Conservative Views Revealed
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Taylor Swift's father was forced to deactivate his facebook profile after his famous daughter's fans discovered he held conservative political views. As The Daily Wire reports:

Scott Swift, the father of country-turned-pop superstar Taylor Swift, apparently has conservative views — and that might have been a problem for the newly Woke entertainer.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Ms. Swift shared a humorous post from her father's Facebook page to her Tumblr account. But once fans stormed Scott's page and learned of his *gasp* conservative views, the Tumblr post was deleted, and soon after that, Mr. Swift's Facebook page was deactivated.

Some of the posts and re-posts from Scott, according to The Daily Mail, expressed support for police officers, knocked presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), praised the late First Lady Nancy Reagan, and critiqued illegal immigration and entitlements.

One post, emblazoned with “Blue Lives Matter,” showed a young woman and a child allegedly left behind after a police officer was killed on the job. "Share this to show that police are people too. Stop the violence against America's heroes in blue," the meme read.

It's amazing that Taylor Swift might force her own father to delete one of his social media profiles just to appease her politically correct fans. 
 Source: American Update

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