Taylor Swift's New Woke Video Slammed By Critics

Taylor Swift's New Woke Video Slammed By Critics
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Pop icon Taylor Swift's new pro-LBGT video has been universally slammed by reviewers on both the left and the right. As The Daily Wire reports:

Taylor Swift dropped a new pro-LGBT video this week for Pride month — and it's earned her blistering criticism from both the left and right.

The left-wing Cosmopolitan runs through some of the backlash the video has sparked online, particularly from the left, over all the egregious stereotypes and counterproductive messaging in the video. "About halfway through the video, we are introduced to the anti-LGBTQ+ crowd protesting Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s fake wedding. Of course, they’re portrayed with about as much nuance as the lyrics of the song," Cosmo notes, pointing out a shot of one of the gay marriage-protesting rednecks and one of the country bumbkins' "ironic" signs declaring, "GET A BRAIN MORANS."...

On his podcast this week, The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh cites the heat Swift is taking from the Left for "not being pro-LGBT enough." Instead of focusing much on the politics of the song, however, Walsh addresses how "aggressively bad" it is.

"It's a song that smacks you upsdide the head with its awfulness and screams at you, 'I'm awful!'" says Walsh. "It's almost like you want to fall asleep and vomit at the same time...which is also really dangerous."

The failure of Swift's new woke video should come as little surprise. People are just tired of listening to sanctimonious sermons from SJW pop stars.
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