These Women Are Trying to Take Over Megyn Kelly's 'Today' Spot

These Women Are Trying to Take Over Megyn Kelly's 'Today' Spot
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Life & Style reports:

Is Megyn Kelly's future on the Today show at risk? That's a tricky question, but if viewers don't start warming up to her, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Giffordhave major plans to take over her 9 a.m. hour on the morning program.

Megyn is the first to admit she's not the warm and cuddly type. In her 2016 book Settle for More, she writes that she has failed to connect with other women because of her "threatening" personality. However, since taking over the 9 a.m. hour of the Today show with her Megyn Kelly Today program in September, she has made it her mission to make viewers like her — without compromising who she is at her core.
"I insist the world come to understand that no woman must choose between being strong and being fun, being tough and being liked," she recently said. "It can all happen at once." But it's just not happening for her.

Viewers are fleeing, and many believe it's because the former Fox News host's personality is a poor fit for morning TV — and now NBC is considering a big move. Insiders told In Touch, Hoda, 53, and Kathie Lee, 64, who currently host the light and bubbly 10 a.m. hour of Today, are pushing bosses to swap times slots with the 47-year-old for the sake of the lucrative morning show franchise — which generates $500 million in ad revenue per year.

 Source: American Update

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