Tiger Accepts Trump's Invite to Celebrate Masters Win

Tiger Accepts Trump's Invite to Celebrate Masters Win

Following Tiger Woods' most recent Masters' win, President Trump invited the golf great to the White House to celebrate. Tiger has now accepted that invitation.

According to The Daily Mail:

Tiger Woods is set to visit the White House for a congratulatory reception with President Donald Trump following his victory at the Masters.

Woods earned a stunning one-stroke victory at Augusta last month to win his 15th major championship - his first Masters since 2005 and his first major victory since the 2008 US Open. 

Trump and Woods are well acquainted, having played golf together in the past with PGA legend Jack Nicklaus.   

According to Fox News, Woods will visit Trump at the White House in Washington DC next Monday for a reception.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of Tiger, frequently Tweeting support for the golfer. Woods has faced backlash for his relationship with Trump but has never apologized.

 Source: American Update

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