Tiger Woods Criticized for Trump Award

Tiger Woods Criticized for Trump Award

Tiger Woods was visiting the White House on Monday to celebrate his Master's win and receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor from President Trump. Joining Woods in D.C. were a bunch of critics.

According to Fox News:

Critics of Tiger Woods and President Trump were out in force Monday ahead of the ceremony bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the controversial golf great, with the politically-tinged attacks threatening to overshadow the acclaim that greeted Woods' dramatic win at the Masters Tournament less than a month ago.

Trump made the announcement last month he would honor Woods with the medal “because of his incredible success [and] comeback in sports, and more importantly, life.”

But the honor was quickly criticized by some as merely an opportunity for Trump to pay tribute to a business partner. It was pointed out last week that Woods was reported in 2018 to be a business partner with the Trump Organization.


“Tiger Woods is obviously a very talented golfer,” Common Cause legislative affairs director Aaron Scherb told The New York Times, before quickly adding that Trump is “willing to use any tool of government to benefit his business and political allies.”

When asked previously about his relationship with Trump, Woods reminded people to respect the office of the presidency. It appears Woods will not publically criticize Trump or give in to the critics who attack him for his relationship.
 Source: American Update

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