Tom Arnold's Plan to Take Down Trump

Tom Arnold's Plan to Take Down Trump
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Well, this is a wild one. Tom Arnold just revealed his plan to take down the president.

Breitbart reports:

Actor Tom Arnold delivered a harsh message to President Donald Trump’s supporters on Thursday morning, while speaking at a promotional appearance for his upcoming series on Viceland, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.

Arnold’s message to the president’s supporters was “fuck em.”
While vowing to keep searching until he finds incriminating audio from Trump’s time on the Apprentice, Arnold said he “doesn’t give a shit” about the millions of Americans who still support the president.

“I’m going to do this until he resigns,” Arnold said. “He is a crazy person. He is putting this country on the precipice of war right now. For some reason, I am in a position to do something, and it is working. And I am going to do this until that guy resigns and the world will be safer. It’s going to happen.”

The True Lies star, and former husband of controversial actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr, boasted of the investigative prowess of his researchers as they work to locate such highly sought after material as the alleged “pee-pee tape.”

 Source: American Update

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