Top NBA Draft Pick Slams Lebron James Over China Comments

Top NBA Draft Pick Slams Lebron James Over China Comments
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The former center for the Golden State Warriors appeared to slam NBA superstar Lebron James for his comments criticizing  pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. As Fox News reports:

Former Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut appeared to call out LeBron James for the Lakers star’s criticism of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey over a tweet supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The tweet caused a substantial rift between the NBA and China ahead of preseason games that were scheduled to be played between the Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets. While James said Morey was “uninformed” about the situation in Hong Kong, Bogut appeared to snap back in a tweet.

“Everyone is for the “cause” until the “cause” costs them $$$$$.......” wrote the current center for the National Basketball League Sydney Kings.


Bogut was among James’ critics after the perennial NBA All-Star spoke out against Morey in his first statement since returning from the team’s preseason tour in China.

After receiving a barrage of criticism for his comments backing a repressive Communist government, James announced that he would cease discussing politics.
 Source: American Update

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