Tourist Suing Elvis Presley's Estate

Tourist Suing Elvis Presley's Estate[email protected]/12439301195

A tourist who was visiting Elvis Presley's estate, Graceland, is suing the estate because a fire alarm caused long-term damage to him.

According to Fox News:

A Swiss tourist is suing the Guest House at Graceland for a whole hunka hunkamoney, claiming his stay at the hotel left him with marriage problems, communication problems and hearing issues.

Hans-Peter Gauch, 53, and his daughter were staying at the Guest House at Graceland, located across the street from Graceland, in October 2017, when Gauch claims a fire alarm went off in the early hours of the morning, according to court documents cited by WATN.

Gauch says he and his daughter tried to leave, but could not find the fire exit, alleging that it was not clearly marked. Gauch then phoned the front desk, but claimed the hotel merely told him the alarm was false, leaving him and his daughter to wait a half-hour for the noise to stop.

As a result, Gauch says he was diagnosed with tinnitus — a condition that causes sleeping and communication problems, and ultimately led him to severe marriage issues that now have he and his wife Magdalena living in separate residences, WATN reported.

The man is reportedly suing Elvis Presley Enterprises for $75,000.

 Source: American Update

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