Trans Actors Slam IMDB for This Policy

Trans Actors Slam IMDB for This Policy
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Trans actors are not happy with the movie website IMDB over its policy involving naming trans actors.

According to The Daily Wire:

Two trans actors have gone on the warpath against the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for allowing their birth names to be published in their bio pages.

According to IndieWire, the two trans actors, both of whom wished to remain anonymous, have lobbied IMDB to have their birth names removed, a practice colloquially known as "deadnaming," to no avail.

"Speaking on condition of anonymity, representatives for two trans actors with major television credits told IndieWire that they have not been able to remove this information from IMDB, even after extensive lobbying from management, representatives at one of the top three Hollywood agencies, and GLAAD, the leading LGBTQ media advocacy organization," reports the outlet.

The LGBTQ community has repeatedly spoken out against deadnaming on multiple platforms, including Wikipedia, saying it causes "feelings of dysphoria, invalidating their identities, and negatively impacting job prospects."

IMDB said that actors can use the edit option to change their names but the website only publishes factual data that is a matter of public record.

 Source: American Update

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