Trump's Son Barely Escapes Death by Helicopter

Trump's Son Barely Escapes Death by Helicopter
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President Donald Trump’s eldest son narrowly escaped death when a rotor flew off a family-owned helicopter — and sources speculated the incident was hushed up to prevent exposing a terrorist plot!

Government documents obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.comreveal Donald Trump Jr. survived the incident thanks to the heroic pilot and two Secret Service agents on board.

The helicopter made a harrowing emergency landing on June 14, 2017 — yet another chilling example of the First Family under siege — and sources now believe the incident was intentionally kept quiet to deprive suspected saboteurs from publicizing their near-victory!

But Federal Aviation Administration records — revealed here for the first time — describe how a tail rotor on a Sikorsky helicopter owned by the Trump Organization suddenly flew off during a descent into NYC.  Records show none of the passengers — Donald Jr., the agents and the pilot — suffered any injuries. But aviation experts told Radar the incident would have spelled certain death if the rotor had detached at a higher altitude.
 Source: Radar Online

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