TV Host Shockingly Slams Biden's Electability

TV Host Shockingly Slams Biden's Electability
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As the liberal world gushes over Joe Biden's chances to unseat Donald Trump one person isn't so happy. The host of "Full Frontal" Samatha Bee doesn't think the aging politician is electable.

According to Fox News:

"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee took a sledgehammer against former Vice President Joe Biden's candidacy in the 2020 race in an attempt to debunk the notion that he is "electable."

"In a way, it's good that Biden is the frontrunner because it's safer to have him in front of you than behind you," Bee joked in reference to the numerous claims by women that he touched them inappropriately. "C'mon Joe, it's so simple! Just don't touch people in creepy ways!"

Bee then knocked the media for claiming that Biden has the "most important quality," electability, pointing to a recent survey that Democrats preferred to vote for a hypothetical black or female candidate, but noted how female candidates "take the biggest hit" when the question becomes "who can win."

"Somehow, Joe Biden is considered 'Mr. Electable' even though he managed to not get elected the last two times he ran for president," Bee swiped the Democratic frontrunner. "In 2008, he dropped out after failing to get even one percent in the Iowa caucuses and way back in 1987, he was forced to drop out of the race over charges of plagiarism."

The host also pointed out that the Dem women candidates have not lost an election while the prominent male candidates have.

 Source: American Update

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