Twitter Censors One Of Trump's Tweets Over Supposed 'Copyright Infringement'

Twitter Censors One Of Trump's Tweets Over  Supposed 'Copyright Infringement'
In a brazen and outrageous move Twitter decided to censor a video President Trump posted which exposed the Ukraine-linked corruption of the Biden family because it supposedly violated a copyright law. As Breitbart reports:

Twitter took down a video tweeted by President Donald Trump yesterday due to a copyright claim related to the presence of a five-second clip from a video by music group Nickelback which had been edited to mock Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted the video with a line from the Nickelback song from the music video: “Look at this Photograph.”...


Twitter recently said that it will not take down tweets from politicians, even if they break the site’s rules, but that the platform may suppress their reach. In the case of Trump’s tweet, the tweet remains up, but the accompanying parody video has been removed.

Many users argue that this is an overreach of copyright rules, and that there is an argument that the clip is fair use given that only a few seconds of a Nickelback video were used, for the purpose of parody.

  Another obvious attempt to censor and potentially deplatform the President carried out by a big tech company in thrall to the far-left agenda.
 Source: American Update

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