VIDEO: Comedy Troupe Takes On #MeToo Hilariously!

Comedy Group "Riot Act" has created a deeply problematic video in which they show all the flaws with the #metoo Movement. The video perfectly captures the events in the Brett Kavanaugh circus and others falsely accused like him. The left will destroy the world given the chance to grandstand, as the Daily Wire reports

Written by Adam Yenser, a writer for "The Ellen Show," and directed by Daily Wire writer Paul Bois, the sketch focuses on a doomsday scenario wherein an astroid is headed straight for Earth and only one man has the ability to save the world: an MIT-educated 1st Division Space Force commander named, aptly, "Dick Missile."

But upon accepting the mission to save the world, Dick Missile becomes plagued with Kavanaugh-esque vague and years-old accusations of sexual misconduct by Brave Women™.

 Source: American Update

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