Video: Pundit Slams Democratic California as "Third World State" on Tucker

Victor David Hanson appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday and slammed the state of California for its mass poverty, high taxes, and crumbling infrastructure, calling it a "Third World State." As The Daily Caller reports:

Historian Victor Davis Hanson described why he feels his home state of California is America’s first “Third World state” during a Monday night appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Hanson’s comments came after the state’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, said that national Republicans will go “into the waste bin of history, the way Republicans of the ’90s [in California] have gone.”

Responding to host Tucker Carlson’s question about why he considers California a “Third World state,” Hanson pointed to “symptoms” we typically “associate with failed states” such as high taxes, poor schools, a super-rich class, and a significant percentage of its people below the poverty line.

“We have the most billionaires of any state in nation and then we have the largest underclass,” he said, blaming in part the overturning of the “very popular” Proposition 187, which would have denied non-emergency healthcare to illegal immigrants.

The Democrat party appears to believe that the only way to make the United States a better place is for other states to adopt the same Liberal policies that have made California the "Third World state" Hanson decries. Are they right?

 Source: American Update

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