'View' Hosts Claim Biden The Same As Clinton in 2019

'View' Hosts Claim Biden The Same As Clinton in 2019
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Co-hosts on "The View" claimed that Democrat front runner Joe Biden was falling into the same trap as Hillary Clinton did before her massive loss in 2016. As Fox News reports:

Co-hosts on "The View" claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden was falling into the same trap as the 2016 Democratic nominee in assuming that he will get the party's nomination.

"I think Biden's problem ... was that he always felt he was the heir apparent to the nomination," co-host Sunny Hostin said. Both she and co-host Joy Behar described that as the same "mistake" that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made.

"This is a vetting process," Hostin added. "This is an interview process with the United States of America ... He's not the heir apparent. You have to earn everyone's vote," she said.

Her comments came as the co-hosts were discussing the next Democratic primary debates which will take place on July 30-31.

They're certainly not wrong, "Sleepy" Joe is currently tanking in the polls and was part of the same failed Obama administration as Hillary Clinton was. The future certainly doesn't look bright for his campaign!
 Source: American Update

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