Want to be Trump's Neighbor? Now's Your Chance

Want to be Trump's Neighbor? Now's Your Chance
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An apartment with a very famous neighbor has just gone on the market.

Page Six reports:

The apartment directly below President Donald Trump’s opulent bedroom at Trump Tower is going up for sale for $24.5 million — and it’s not clear if POTUS can control who moves in.

In what could be a huge security headache, the stunning apartment 64/65AB at Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Ave. is going on the market. The pad directly adjoins the president’s personal gilded apartment, and — real-estate sources believe — his bedroom.

Trump’s triplex penthouse — which he is said to prefer sleeping in rather than the White House — occupies floors 66 through 68.

One source said, “What is to stop the Chinese or the Russians from buying the apartment under a front, and then drilling spy holes in the ceiling to listen to the conversations and goings-on?”


 Source: American Update

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