WATCH: Comedy Sketch Hilariously Trolls SJW's

A new comedy sketch is making fun of the problems social justice warriors face when tackling everyday problems.

According to The Daily Wire:

In their latest sketch, comedy group Riot Act dissects the shenanigans that unfold when a "woke-minded Google exec dials 911." Hint: it's a whole lot of triggered outrage.

In the sketch, which was written and directed by The Daily Wire's Paul Bois and features “Ellen” writer Adam Yenser, the woke Google executive witnesses a serious crime after hitting up a yoga class. When he speaks to an operator to report the crime, the executive refuses to identify the perpetrator out of fear of "perpetuating stereotypes." And heaven knows he will not assume the criminal's gender, either.

He might let a murderer roam free, but he’s not a gender-assuming monster, after all.


Along the way, the sketch also pokes fun at the most recent apparent hate crime hoax involving “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, who claimed he was targeted by two white, male supporters of President Donald Trump for being black and gay.

These everyday problems really seem to pose an issue when you're worried about offending someone.

 Source: American Update

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