Watch: Megyn Kelly's Most Awkward Interviews Ever

Watch: Megyn Kelly's Most Awkward Interviews Ever
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Megyn Kelly is not having the year she likely thought she would. After leaving Fox News to headline her own morning talk show for NBC, Megyn Kelly Today, the former anchor has been repeatedly slammed by audiences and other network personalities for multiple gaffes and hemorrhaging ratings. Some celeb publicists are reportedly hesitant to even book their clients with Kelly for even run-of-the-mill appearances. 

Viewership numbers are abysmal, and part of the reason so few seem willing to tune in for Kelly's latest adventure is that she keeps messing up when it comes to interviews. Sure, she had a rare moment of earned respect for her commentary about her former network's spate of sexual harassment allegations, but otherwise, her highlights reel is cringe-worthy at best.

Kelly started her tenure on NBC News months before her daytime program launched by sitting down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Considering how embattled the U.S. government has been in the wake of reported Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, this opportunity may have seemed like a surefire way to get Kelly's new career started on a prestigious note with some hard-hitting journalism.

 Source: Nicki Swift

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