WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shuts Up Joy Behar on Fake News

WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shuts Up Joy Behar on Fake News
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared with her father, former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, on The View Monday.

Host Whoopi Goldberg began the interview asking Sanders about her job as press secretary. Sanders called her children a “perfect” way to prepare for her job because she “answers the same questions” over and over and has to say no. The interview continued calmly as the panel spoke to Sanders about the other aspects of her job.

The interview took a turn when Behar asked about President Donald Trump's alleged sexual indiscretions. 

“You pointed out yourself that I'm the first working mother to ever hold this job, to be empowered to be the spokesperson for the United States of America through the president,” Sanders said. “That is a big deal. That is a huge step forward. And instead of liberals celebrating it, they've attacked me at every step.”

The hosts then turned to Trump and how he has addressed fake news.

“We can agree that this hostile dynamic, it doesn't serve the American people. We've heard what he and the administration feel the media should be doing or what they're doing wrong, but what do you think is the responsibility of the administration and people like yourself to help on your end, to help mend these fences?“ host Sarah Haines asked.

“Yeah, I think going back, you look at every administration, you're always going to have a little bit of friction between the press corps and the White House,” Sanders said. “We've certainly seen that escalate in this administration. I think that there is certainly a responsibility on both sides: We have to be forthcoming; we have to be honest, that's our obligation to the American people, but it's also journalists'obligation to present, facts not opinions.

“It's the American people's ability to get to take those facts and decide where they want to come down on an issue. To me, a good news story is if all the facts are presented and you don't know which side the the author of that story is on. And I think we need to get back to a little bit a little bit less editorial comments from the media and a little bit more fact-delivering,” Huckabee said.

“Is the media supposed to not report on the fact that 95 percent of what he says is a lie?” Behar asked.

“That, Joy,  that is — you are doing exactly what we're talking about in pushing a false narrative,” Sanders snapped back. 

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