Wayne Newton Sued After Pet Monkey Attack

Wayne Newton Sued  After Pet Monkey Attack
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Wayne Newton is being sued by a girl who was allegedly attacked by the entertainer's pet monkey in 2017. As The Daily Caller reports:

Entertainer Wayne Newton has been sued by a girl who visited his home in 2017 over an alleged monkey attack.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday by Jocelyne Urena, claimed that Newton’s pet monkey attacked her daughter, Genevieve, while the family was touring the actor’s home, according to a report published by Page Six. The alleged attack occurred in 2017.


“Without any provocation, the monkey viciously attacked and bit Ms. Urena, causing injury to her body as well as emotional distress,” the lawsuit read.

The family accused Newton of negligence and requested damages in excess of $15,000, Page Six reported.

Things aren't looking good for Newton and his furry friend. 
 Source: American Update

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