Who's More Popular: Ivanka Trump or Chelsea Clinton?

Who's More Popular: Ivanka Trump or Chelsea Clinton?
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A new poll settles the debate on which first daughter is more popular: Ivanka Trump or Chelsea Clinton?

The Wrap reports:

Ivanka Trump is considerably less popular than Chelsea Clinton, according to a poll released by Ipsos and the Daily Beast on Monday.

The poll found that Trump is viewed favorably by just 43 percent of Americans, while Clinton has a favorability rating of 50 percent. Trump also fares poorly when it comes to unfavorability, with a 46 percent rating, compared to 32 percent for Clinton.

Whereas Clinton was a teenager when her father was in the White House, Trump has taken on the role of senior political advisor, along with her husband Jared Kushner. In the early days of the Trump presidency, many on the left hoped that Trump — who previously donated to the Democrats — would serve as a check on some of her father’s harsher, right-leaning policies.

Instead, she has faced criticism for stepping aside as her father’s administration has left the Paris Climate agreement, banned transgender people from serving in the military, and created harsh policies against immigrants and refugees.

 Source: American Update

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