Whoopi Goldberg Calls President Trump 'Bum in Chief'

Whoopi Goldberg Calls President Trump 'Bum in Chief'
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Whoopi Goldberg slammed President Donald Trump as “the bum in chief” after he suggested National Football League owners fire players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

“So over the weekend, the bum in chief decided he was going to make some noise at the NBA and then also at the NFL and then he sort of went crazy and was in Alabama saying wild stuff,” co-host of “The View” said Monday, before sharing a clip of Trump at his rally in Alabama Friday night.

“He also tweeted this morning ‘the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It’s about respect for our country, flag and national anthem,'” she added. “I say it is about race and it is about respecting people and I will just give a little perspective of why. You know, folks fought in World War I and World War II and came back to America. And people of color — talking specifically people of color– came back to America and couldn’t vote.”

“Now when you see some of the things we’ve seen over the last years of young black men and black women being sort of man handled, not just by police, but lots of different folks,” she continued. “When you see the anger at black people and you know that some of those folks have fought in Iraq and have five or six tours of duties and they come back and they are disrespected, I say you have to pay attention when somebody is saying I need you to respect all of us, not just some of us, but all of us. America allows us to protest that way. He’s not blocking traffic. He is not hurting anybody. He’s not screaming. He’s down on one knee. It’s a silent protest.”
 Source: Daily Caller

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