Whoopi Goldberg Has A Massive Overreaction to Trump

Whoopi Goldberg Has A Massive Overreaction to Trump
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Whoopi Goldberg said President Donald Trump is trying to “kill the press off” by saying he wants to re-examine the country’s libel laws.

“This is the first time in my life where a president is actively trying to kill the press off,” Goldberg said Thursday on “The View.” “He [Trump] is chipping away at people’s trust every minute,” cohost Joy Behar said. “So he is making everything he doesn’t agree with or that talks negatively about him fake news. … I believe he’s at his 2,000th lie this year, so how do you believe him?” “I’m very concerned about the war on journalism and journalists,” Sunny Hostin shared. “We’re hearing over and over again, I don’t trust journalists. I don’t trust the media. … Let’s not always attack journalists because it’s a very difficult job to do and they’re on the frontlines right now making sure that we do know the truth and fact.”
 Source: Daily Caller

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