Whoopi Goldberg Is Not Buying The Anonymous Op-Ed

Whoopi Goldberg Is Not Buying The Anonymous Op-Ed
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Whoopi Goldberg a co-host on ABC's 'The View' has her own theory about the anonymous anti-Trump op-ed published by the New York Times.

According to The Daily Caller:

Whoopi Goldberg seemed to suggest that the anonymous op-ed by a senior Trump administration official may have been released by someone who wanted to prove the existence of a “deep state.”

“I don’t know if I believe this,” Goldberg said Thursday on ABC’s “The View.” An official published a New York Times op-ed Wednesday claiming to be part of the resistance to President Donald Trump.

“Something about this — there is something stinky about the op-ed for me,” she continued. “I’ll tell you. … The timing is too odd, and it gives all of the — what’s the better word — the folks who think that there’s a deep state and all that kind of stuff, it sort of gives them more things to make this particular man in the White House a victim.”

“‘Look at what they’re doing to him, look at how they’re treating him.’ I’m not positive that I believe that this is from someone who is actually doing stuff. That’s just me. My gut is saying, ah, a little smelly [in] a couple of places.”

It is unclear is Goldberg is referring to Trump being behind this or a rogue actor within the government.

 Source: American Update

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