Whoopi Slams de Blasio's Presidential Run

Whoopi Slams de Blasio's Presidential Run
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Co-host of "The View" Whoopi Goldberg usually mocks Republicans but now she has her sights set on a specific Democrat. Whoopi recently mocked NYC mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to run for president.

According to Fox News:

"New York City may--," Goldberg said before bursting into laughter on Thursday's show while discussing the New York City mayor's big 2020 announcement.

"Bill de Blasio is running for president." Goldberg said, before adding the decision was a bad career move for de Blasio, whom she said still had work to do in his own city.

"What are you doing?" she asked. Goldberg appeared to call out de Blasio's announcement video, claiming that he left out some major negatives during his administration.

"Here's the thing that you didn't mention: Homelessness is near record highs. Congestive pricing will take the minimum wage money that we just gave to people, it'll take it away from them because they have to pay the congestive pricing," she said.

  Goldberg wasn't the only one to mock de Blasio as evidenced by the Tweets above. The lackluster beginning to the campaign doesn't seem like a good sign.

 Source: American Update

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