Woke US Womens Soccer Star Slams 'Intolerant' Christian Teammate

Woke US Womens Soccer Star Slams 'Intolerant' Christian Teammate
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The goalie of the US women's soccer team Ashlyn Harris attacked her former teammate Jaelene Hinkle for supposedly being "intolerant" and "homophobic." As The Daily Caller reports:

U.S. women’s national soccer team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris attacked former teammate Jaelene Hinkle as “intolerant,” and “homophobic” in a tweetstorm Monday.

The 26-year-old Hinkle, considered one of the more talented defenders, is also an outspoken Christian and a supporter of traditional marriage, and some believe her faith may have kept her off the national team during its latest World Cup championship. Harris strongly disagreed, saying that Hinkle’s “religion was never the problem.”

“Hinkle, our team is about inclusion. Your religion was never the problem,” Harris said. “The problem is your intolerance and you are homophobic.”

“You don’t belong in a sport that aims to unite and bring people together,” Harris continued.

  Unfortunately, it seems Harris's anti-Christian bigotry has become all too normal in the woke new world of women's soccer.
 Source: American Update

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