Wrestling Hall of Famer Passes Away

Wrestling Hall of Famer Passes Away
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Wrestling Hall of Famer and champion Pedro Morales has passed away according to reports.

According to Fox News:

WWE Hall of Famer and first-ever "Triple Crown" champion Pedro Morales has died at 76, WWE reported late Tuesday.

Born in Puerto Rico, Morales began his wrestling career at 17 when he moved to New York City in 1959.

In 1970, Morales won the WWE Championship from Ivan Koloff at Madison Square Garden and established himself as an icon for Hispanic Americans, especially in New York City and the rest of the northeast United States.

Morales became a wrestling legend in 1972 when he took on close friend Bruno Sammartino at the first-ever Showdown at Shea Supercard at Shea Stadium. A whopping 22,000 fans watch the match, which lasted 75 minutes before refs called it a draw due to the strict 11 p.m. athletic event curfew.

After his retirement in 1987, Morales continued to work in wrestling as a Spanish language announcer.

 Source: American Update

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