WWE Star Nikki Bella Retires

A well known WWE star has announced that she will be retiring from wrestling.

According to Fox News:

Nikki Bella is ready to take her career in a new direction.

The wrestling star announced her retirement from the WWE on the season finale of "Total Bellas."

The 35-year-old was at dinner with her family on the reality TV series when she began to explain how she came to his decision. She said that being a part of WWE European's intense schedule helped her realize she's ready to hang up her jersey.

“The [European] tour was good but I feel like I’m too old for the travel, the travel was really rough,” Bella explained. “I was like, 'Why am I doing this? I don’t feel good.' The girls are doing amazing things over there. I really am ready to hang up the jersey, I can say it fully.”

Bella has been wrestling professionally since 2007 and has been at it for 12 years. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

 Source: American Update

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