Cher Backs Biden, Claims He’s An ‘Honest Man,’ Then Slams Trump

Wikimedia Commons, By Raph_PH

Anti-Trump music legend Cher announced her unwaivering support for likely Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden during an interview with Billboard magazine.

Cher claimed that, in spite of the many accusations against him, Biden remained an honest man.

She also went on to slam President Trump.

As Fox News reports:

The 73-year-old entertainer has been candid about her criticism of President Donald Trump and his administration and believes his presumptive Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, possesses the capability of defeating him in November…

“But he was just so great about it. You know, everybody’s got faults, but at least he has a soul and he understands pain. He’s also been a politician for a gazillion years. I think he still has got it or I wouldn’t vote. I’m actually registered as an independent. It means I don’t agree with everybody, but in the final analysis, you have to vote for the one side you hate the least,” Cher added.

“I detest this president and everyone in his administration. I think they mishandled this, they lied and they are still lying,” she said.

“I dislike [Trump] because I don’t think he has a good or compassionate bone in his body,” she continued. “That may sound dramatic, but I never thought there was any chance I would fear for my life in my own country and see something handled that’s so deadly in such an insane way. Sure, shoot Clorox in your arm or put UV light into your stomach or take hydroxychloroquine, when everyone knows it can cause heart damage, stroke or whatever!”

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