Joe Rogan Trashes Pelosi For Defending Congress Members For Violating STOCK Act

Wikimedia Commons, by Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Sweden

“The Joe Rogan Experience” host tore into Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she defended congress members’ right to trade stocks upon learning an investigation revealed 49 of them had violated an insider trading law. 

A reporter confronted Pelosi about Insider’s five-month investigation into the investments of Congress and their staffs, and asked if she had a reaction to the findings that had indicated the elected officials and 182 senior staffers violated the STOCK act. 

Pelosi said she wasn’t aware of the report and that Members of Congress and their spouses should not be banned from trading, “Because this is a free market and people – we are a free market economy. They should be able to participate in that.”

“They make their money when they get out,” Rogan clapped back. “What it is is [it’s] like an investment, if you get out you will have money for speaking engagements with all the companies that you helped, all the companies that you like, ‘Hey, I like you. I like you. Let’s hang out, let’s party.’”  

“They’re like, ‘Hey, Mike. Mike the former president, we’d love to have you come speak at our conference, and we’re willing to pay you a half a million dollars.’ So this [it’s] like weird bribes,” he continued.

After viewing Pelosi’s interview, Rogan questioned if anyone had “ever seen a person look more nervous” in a video clip. 

“She’s giving this like very simplistic, almost vague answer,” he observed. “Because should you be allowed to participate in the stock market when you’re influencing the direction of the stock or when you know which direction something’s going to go in?” 

Rogan also pointed out that it’s a conflict for congress members who are responsible for passing laws that affect businesses to invest in them. 

“When you’re going to pass a law that’s going to benefit these businesses, that’s going to force the stock to go up, and you know that, so you invest a sh*t ton of money before it happens?” he concluded.  “That seems like a problem. That seems like it’s a problem. Now why is that not a problem? Because we’re f***ing co-opted.”

Watch the clip:

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