Madonna Blasts Police, Calls For Extreme Gun Control


Pop icon Madonna, condemned police officers and also called for extreme gun control to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights  in response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police officers. As The Daily Wire reports:

Like many of her fellow celebrities, pop icon Madonna has responded publicly to the tragic death of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American man who died on Monday while being forcefully subdued by Minneapolis police and whose death has sparked widespread outrage and violent riots throughout the city.

In a social media post, Madonna responded to the tragedy by declaring “f*** the police!” and calling for extreme gun control…

“This Officer knew he was being filmed and murdered him with arrogance and pride,” she continued. “This has to stop!!”

The performer then turned the tragedy into a push for radical gun control. “Until we can overcome Racism in America— no one should be allowed to carry a gun. Most of all cops,” she declared.

It seems that radical left-wing celebrities will never let a good crisis go to waste when they’re trying to take away the consitutional rights of American citizens.



  1. As you have body guards armed protecting you. You holly weirdos and liberal democrats are nothing but hypocrites and the real cause of the problems in this Country.

  2. She and the socialist left are full of themselves , Time to tell them when you give up yours maybe you can have a small chance of getting it pasted .She Pelosi and her left ideas of controling the country by over throwing the country or maybe the just want the country to rise up and overthrow them.

  3. All right now, all you sheep out there. Turn in your guns. Send your shepherds away. And all the circling wolves will then leave you alone in perfect peace. Isn’t that nice?


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