Thursday Update: Will Smith Considered Murdering His Father, Colin Kaepernick Flames Steve Urkel As An ‘Acceptable Negro,’ Rapper Criticized For Calling Flight Attendent Racist Over Drug Use

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate.

Here’s what happened today:

Not Silenced

Megyn Kelly tweeted that “the domestic terrorists WOULD NOT BE SILENCED,” after Glenn Younkin and several other GOP members swept the Virginia elections on Tuesday night.

Kelly’s post refers to a letter the National School Boards Association (NSBA) wrote to President Biden on Sept. 29, asking for federal law enforcement assistance to deal with acts of “malice, violence, and threats against public school officials” which the association classified as “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Virginia is home to Loudoun and Fairfax County, where parents have been vocally opposed to Critical Race Theory and sexualized topics being taught to their children at public schools.

Acceptable Negro

Colin Kaepernick continues to raise eyebrows with the claims in his new Netflix series, “Colin In Black & White.”

In the latest viral clip, the former 49ers quarterback attacked comedic characters Steve Urkel from “Family Matters,” and Carlton Banks from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” for being “acceptable negros” that white people “love” because they’re “non-threatening.”

“An acceptable negro is a Black character who inhibits white charactreristics, who makes white people feel comfortable,” he said. “The acceptable negro is a white man’s creation. Thing is, white people don’t get to decide who’s acceptable to us.

Kaepernick drew criticism for comparing the NFL combine to slave auctions last week.


Actor Will Smith once contemplated murdering his father, Will Sr., to avenge the violence he committed against his mother.

“When I was nine years old, I watched my father punch my mother in the side of the head so hard that she collapsed. I saw her spit blood. That moment in that bedroom, probably more than any other moment in my life, has defined who I am,” he wrote in his new memoir “Will.”

His parents divorced in 2000, but his anger from the event surfaced as he was caring for Will Sr. while his father battled cancer.

“One night, as I delicately wheeled him from his bedroom toward the bathroom, a darkness arose within me. The path between the two rooms goes past the top of the stairs. As a child I’d always told myself that I would one day avenge my mother. That when I was big enough, when I was strong enough, when I was no longer a coward, I would slay him.”

And at the time, he really thought about doing it. “I paused at the top of the stairs. I could shove him down, and easily get away with it,” Smith detailed. “As the decades of pain, anger, and resentment coursed then receded, I shook my head and proceeded to wheel Daddio to the bathroom.”


Alec Baldwin took to social media to call out crew members who called the New Mexico set “chaotic and unsafe,” after the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

“Read this,” he captioned on a string of Instagram posts by wardrobe crew member Terese Magpale Davis negating the claims.

“I am so sick of this narrative,” Davis wrote. “I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull***t.”

“We never worked more than a 12.5 hour shoot day. That was once,” she continued. “Most days were under 12. The day Halyna died we had come off of a 12 hour turnaround after an 11 hour shoot day. We had (including camera) gotten off by 6:30pm.”

“We had just had a 56 hour weekend right before that. No one was too tired to do their jobs. This is all provable by daily time sheets.”

Davis also said that the assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun that killed Hutchins “never seemed flippant about safety,” and while she’s angry with him, she “won’t jump on the bandwagon and pretend he was uncaring about our safety the whole way through.”

“Maybe you could just not be one more person with a pitchfork in a mob that has no idea what you’re talking about because you weren’t there,” she concluded.


“Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson said “cancel culture is such a f–king downer. I hate that term,” when an interviewer asked for her commentary on cancelled co-stars Johnny Depp, Shia LeBeouf, and Armie Hammer.

“I never experienced that firsthand from any of those people. I had an incredible time working with them; I feel sad for the loss of great artists,” she remarked. “I feel sad for people needing help and perhaps not getting it in time. I feel sad for anyone who was harmed or hurt. It’s just really sad.”

“I do believe that people can change. I want to believe in the power of a human being to change and evolve and get help and help other people,” she continued. “I think there’s definitely a major overcorrection happening. But I do believe that there’s a way for the pendulum to find the middle.”

Though she did admit that the way Hollywood studios have been being run is behind the times. “It is such an antiquated mindset of what movies should be made, who should be in them, how much people should get paid, what equality and diversity look like. Sometimes the old school needs to be moved out for the new school to come in,” Johnson concluded.

Under Fire

Rapper Meek Mill is facing online criticism for calling a flight attendant on a private plane “racist” for asking if he and his entourage were smoking marijuana as they boarded.

“He asked if we was smoking weed on his plane … we just got on 20 seconds ago … racist p***y slowed my whole day up??? I need to book a plane in NYC ASAP!!” The rapper captioned a video of the confrontation he had on the plane.

“His energy from when we walked up I knew he racist! Just look what company is this jet under,” he wrote.

The video begins after the flight attendant had allegedly asked the travelers about their cannabis usage.

“You just said we was smoking on a plane and we just came on here 30 seconds ago, and you’re asking us if we were smoking on this plane,” Mill says from his seat. “We just stepped on here 30 seconds ago.”

“Because I smell it,” the attendant replies. “But where we gonna smoke if we just stepped on here 30 seconds ago? Just look, where would a blunt be rolled up at?” Mill shoots back.

The flight attendant apologizes, but Mill choses to get off of the flight. “Let us get off the plane, just let us, I don’t feel safe on this plane anyway,” he continues. “Yeah, come on let’s open the door. You acting real racist right now, real crazy ‘was we smoking weed?’ F**k wrong with you?”

“Everything is not an attack,” replied one social media user. “This could have been resolved with a simple no or we smoked before we got on. Buddy just doing his job.”


“Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart got engaged to her screenwriter girlfriend Dylan Meyer after two years of dating, and says she wants Food Network star Guy Fieri to officiate their wedding.

“We’re either going to have like no one, we’re just going to do it ourselves and just not have somebody officiate to sort of have another party involved in our moment. But we did hear that Guy Fieri from the Food Network officiates a lot of gay weddings,” she told Howard Stern.

“So, the idea of that man—that sweet, sweet spikey headed man—coming to our wedding and officiating it, it just makes me laugh so much,” Stewart remarked.

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