Tom Arnold Calls On Liberals To Get Guns To Confront ‘Trump’s Misfit Tools’

Actor Tom Arnold raised outrage on Saturday when he urged his liberal followers to obtain guns in order to “confront” Trump supporters. As The Washington Post reports:

Tom Arnold says it’s time for “liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters” by taking their parents’ firearms and confronting President Trump’s “misfit tools.”

The actor, known in recent years for his anti-Trump conspiracy theories and “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes” Viceland documentary, told fans over the weekend that George Floyd protests need higher stakes.

“2nd Amendment is for everyone including black men with long guns but it’s fucking time for us white liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters,” he told his 264,000 Twitter followers on Saturday. “Borrow our dad’s hunting rifles & go nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools. Let’s do it @robreiner

“The Tide Is Turning.  We Are America. No Justice No Peace,” he added later in the day.



The unhinged comments beg the question of whether Arnold and other liberal celebrities like him really want to inflict violence and suffering on Trump supporters, and whether they want to instigate a civil war within the United States.



    • This really is one of those ‘be careful what you wish for moments’ – corollary ‘do not let your mouth overload your azz! 🙁

    • Tom Arnold is just a weakling. If he first takes up arms against Trump supporters then maybe the other cowards be like monkey see, monkey do. All talk, no heart… Just a coward is what Tom Arnold is truly…

      • I thought it was all talk and no action. I believe what every one said. I said all ppl matter and my second coz went after me like I was an idiot then I went off after I read what he said. I was in school when the black panthers started up. the only thing I have a problem with is looting, and breaking others ppl things. that happened in my school. but tom a. is a man that talks threw is butt because his mouth knows better. going after trumps ppl is what democraps want to do

  1. “Actor” is a real stretch. Dim-witted fool is more like it. Yeah, come on down here to Texas, moron.
    On another note, my Twitter account was shut down because I twitted that someone looking to donate to a defense fund for these terrorists in our country, should leave and take their Antifa buddies with them. Wonder if ole Tom had his account suspended for these threats? Bet not.

    • Hey, a Texan here. I got banned from Twitter for calling Pelosi a deranged Sea Hag. They don’t get sarcasm. Obviously she’s not a Sea Hag. If she got near water, she’d melt.
      Tom Arnold is not a celebrity, and I don’t believe he has followers.

    • I thought these Hollywood wack jobs hated guns.Oh, silly me.these wacka doodles only like guns to threaten Trump supporters.

  2. It is so unfortunate, but it is utterly reckless comments like his that brings violence, of an unseen scale. If you have ever seen combat up close, like many with whom I served, you would never talk like this. He should actually be charged by the Department of Justice with inciting insurrection, and civil war. I served 31 years in Infantry & Special Forces and the primary use of the military is to prevent war, and its catastrophic impact on citizens, children, and families.

  3. Any President Trump supporter saying this would be in (fakebook jail” forever, same with “twatter”, pursued by the cops and the Secret Service, FBI, ATF, and thrown in jail without bond. Another form of RACISM adopted by the left, the “Party of Acceptance”.

  4. Arnold you are an idiot! Spreading hate and threatening the life of our President is a crime that should put you in jail. Your a nobody so crawl back in your hole and shut your big mouth. Your sickening.

  5. I’ll tell you who they are with, and it has nothing at all to do with race – they are protecting innocent people and buildings – including those that are owned by African Americans, Asians, and hispanics that have been destroyed by the likes of supporters of this joker. Funny he and DeNiro can use the f word, but conservatives are banned from sites if they even hint of it. These people are standing up for all Americans, and most are local citizens.

    • What else can you expect from hollycrap trash. They don’t know how to talk any way without using filth. Who is this guy, I have never heard of him.

  6. Amazing. Didn’t think that it was possible but Tom Arnold is actually stupider than he looks. And he looks like a complete and total moron.

  7. Tom, A reminder that bullets will fly both ways. I stand for the rights of all American. The Demoricates has moved too far to the left.
    Retired Military.
    And I have guns Loaded.

  8. Tom Arnold is an idiot and a worthless celebrity. Who cares what he thinks or what any celebrity thinks for that matter. What goes around comes around and I hope that happens in this case with him. Trump 2020!

  9. Tom, I notice you are not volunteering to risk your cozy little life with a murder charge. So typical of you Hollywood make-believe people.

  10. Not to worry. The average leftie doesn’t know from which end of the gun the bullet emerges.

    I love this website. I click on Post Comment on this, my first comment here – a one-liner – and I’m told to “slow down…you’re posting too fast!”

  11. Tom Arnold should go in public with a megaphone and say what he wants to happen. Locked and loaded we will give him what he wants. Where you going to al rally next, Tom. Don’t disappoint us again, Tom. It’s far better than moving to Canada. See you soon TOM.

  12. There you go again giving figures from entertainment a platform. Just don’t give them what they want – publicity. They thrive on it and depend on it for a living. They have no special qualifications which make their opinions any better than the rest of the idiots (including myself) who have responded to his tripe.

  13. Inciting VIOLENCE, way to go LEFT!! You want it, bring it on!!! We don’t have to borrow guns, and we know how to use them! 🤣

  14. It is nothing short of amazing how stupid Tom Arnold can be. He is obviously just looking for some level of relevance because now he has none – no movie, no television, not even a commercial. He will soon be living in a homeless shelter, and he will not even have any friends there. No one wants this dweeb.

  15. Hope he isn’t taking his pie hole TOO FULL…..I STICK WITH THE ONES who will DEFEND this country at ANY COSTS……!!!!

  16. Hollywood is in bed with China , the movie industry is now owned by China and actors like Arnold are paid by China !
    Movie people have long been those who preach a lifestyle to others they don’t live nor ever intend to live !
    Hollywood liberals have no morals many of them are now going to prison for child trafficking and they are perverts and molesters .
    They talk big about no guns but hire bodyguards who are locked and loaded!
    Living behind tall gates with heavy security guards! Arnold this a dangerous statement you’re making …and by your suggestion if one Trump supporter loses their life your words will have been criminal!
    I say be careful Tom (Ramses) Arnold those words of yours have power and Moses said
    “Let my people go “ but Pharaoh hardened his heart and his words cursed his own people !
    What have I ever done to you anyway ? You truly are reprobate! I pity you !!!!!

  17. Mr. Roseanne is trying to be relevant. He isn’t. No one with an I.Q. # higher than room temperature cares what this beta male says, thinks or does.

  18. hysterical hypocrisy! wanna man up? buy your own gun–don’t take daddy’s. oh–wait–tom arnold–he does nothing for himself. . .ask roseanne.

    • Hey Arnie, if you are going to use the Twitter bullhorn, you should lead by example! That you will never do! Why? You are no leader! One leader such as you wanna be, led with such profound hatred and caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, committed suicide in an underground bunker! He used a bullhorn in much of the same way you are using the Twitty Twitter! Guess you are feeling real good about yourself to unleash such vile hatred.

  19. First off Tom, liberal and men are not synonymous, Liberal males are emasculated shells in a male form. Second, Tom, you speak real big for a wimp. Most conservative men own guns and are practiced with their guns, we also manage many rounds of ammo for our guns. We don’t buy just one box and think that will do. So, I say…bring it fool.


  21. Tom….you’re a very sad human being…there’s much to this dilemma besides your limited knowledge…to come across as negative and distorted as you do, doesn’t say much for your opinion. You’ve got to learn to slow down and question your abilities before you decide to approach people with your shallow comments. You really would be better off to just keep your mouth shut…watch, listen and learn…you might surprise yourself just how ignorant you are…good luck, buddy – you WILL need it!

  22. “he urged his liberal followers: Tom Arnold has followers?? haha! And he tagged Rob Reiner so I’m guessing he’s hoping to get a job out of this.

  23. Tom’s just an out of work barely an actor who’s making noise hoping someone will hire him to bus tables.

  24. Aren’t Arnold’s comments akin to inciting violence and anarchy?
    Thought that was against the Law?
    Shouldn’t he be arrested and charged?

  25. Guns didn’t seem to bother Tom Arnold when he played in “True Lies”.

    Like all liberals, sooner or later, the hypocrisy comes spewing out.


  27. Does he lump the Police in with the Trump supporters he despises? They are the embodiment of the Law and Order President Trump works for all day everyday!! Is he a card carrying member of the Anti-FA Fascist’s?? Must be, to be shilling for Anarchy and violence like they do!! What a loser!!

  28. Ok first off I’m a moderate republican. I don’t love everything the far right thinks or does. I do t agree with the left either in most things. But, I detest people that are hateful and think they are better than others just because of the color of their skin or their level of wealth. We are all gods children. I don’t even like President trump based on his persona. But having said that, I don’t have to like him to see that he has done a good job and done what he said he would do when we voted for him. He at least doesn’t BS us and tell us what we want to hear to get elected. He just needs to quit commenting on the swamp dwellers and do what he needs to do to get us back on the track that we were going before this mess. And as for Tom Arnold who? Another liberal idiot that makes too much money for nothing. Seems to make them think they are smart or that we care what they think. Him with a gun would be like bringing a pea shooter to a gun fight. He better be practicing.

  29. Arnold is one those communists who really should leave the country while he can still take some wealth with him. If he waits too long, he will be carried out of the country.

  30. I’d love to get in a fire fight with those liberal idiots. They would probably shoot more of each other than their intended targets…

  31. Take the has been s.o.b. down……the trash in so called Hollywood keeps piling up…………..I’m glad there are no more movies..nothing but trash..nothing on TV,,just more trash……Good bye Hollywood and all their let trash friends…

  32. Just a few months back at the Alabama/Mississippi football game he had his nose in President’s Trump a*s in order to get his face in the news . . . HollyWonks are so transparent and their arrogance always tips their hand . . .

  33. Someone needs to shut up this dumb idiot before someone takes him out.Never stand up and call for murder or you just might get your answer . Talking murder is cause for him to go to jail for a very long time.

  34. That’s very true, be careful what you wish for Tommy, Trump supporters have years of practice with weapons, all the lefties have is practice at running their mouth, no problemo………………………….

  35. Think about this you moron, you owe your ENTIRE life to a woman who actually does have talent not like you you talentless fool. You couldn’t even find the studio if it weren’t for Roseann moron. Let’s put it this way, you and me in a room and let’s see who comes out, okay?

  36. That’s really pretty sad, coming from the side that wants to make guns hard to get! I’ve got mine Tommy, how bout you?

  37. TA, What the hell is the matter with you? You are a old has been so to get your 5 seconds of fame you go ballistic and say things that only someone who is definitely on a large variety of drugs would say. We don’t care what insane thing you have to say all we want is for you to go get HELP YOU NUTCAKE!


  38. Tom Arnold, another of the useful idiots preferred by Left to push their agenda. Encouraging others to commit violence against fellow citizens further exhibits the hypocrisy of the Left. Do know and fully understand that I will defend my family and myself.

  39. Tom there is stupid and then there’s stupid and what you say is beyond stupid, it’s now really really stupid. Stop being stupid Tom.

  40. Think about it. How can you even imagine “Liberal white men with guns” without laughing!

    Liberal white men with Lattes, or Liberal white men with rubber dildos, maybe.

    But Liberal white men with guns? Hahahahahaha, the only safe place will be directly behind them, or standing in the place of the person their shooting at!

  41. TA is a coward!
    Why is he asking others to do what he thinks should be done?
    Why doesn’t he do it himself?
    TA is a coward!
    TA is a coward!
    TA is a coward!
    TA is a coward!

  42. Notice that Tom said to STEAL your PARENTS guns (meaning that most liberals can not legally get them and/or should violate the law in obtaining them and making them untraceable).

    With regard to liberal “men” attacking me with guns…..I have held another human being at gunpoint, with a 44 mag and under 4 lb pull at 15 ft. I will have no problem with obtaining my target. Most liberal men would shoot like over 90+% of WWI and WWII soldiers….not even aiming at an actual target.

  43. He is just running his big mouth but if you can’t see it coming you are not paying attention. I for one refuse to live among these left wing idiots.

  44. Tom is a big mouth slob with nothing to back him up. Saying something like that shows his stupidity and should be kicked off on all social medias. We don’t need comments like that as someone might take it seriously. Too many nuts in this world as it is. Being an X-Californian, I left when all the fruits & nuts moved in as I knew when they grew up they would be a basket case like this guy is. The damn liberals ruined my home state with idiots like this. They need to keep a close watch on this nut otherwise, someone is going to crush him more since he is already a cracked nut. He got a serious ego problem along with other mental problems. Him and Roseann were from the same tree and I never liked those nutty trees.

  45. I’m getting old, but at 400 meters I’m still good for a 5 inch group. Not great, but better stay more than a quarter mile away from me.

  46. Perhaps Tommy Boy knows that 90% of white Liberal men that try to do that will be eliminated from living. Go ahead and try soy boys! After seeing the mentality of Radical Liberal Rioters I will have no problem pulling the trigger if threatened.

  47. Tom…you tough guy ….Please….”Make my day” I’m looking forward to hunting Democrats… Fallujah, style.


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