Alec Baldwin Compares Liz Cheney to Jailed Putin Political Opponent

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Liberal actor Alec Baldwin claimed that defeated Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney is the Alex Navalny of American politics. 

On disgraced former CNN host Chris Cuomo’s new podcast on Tuesday, the “30 Rock” star suggested that Cheney, who was crushed at the polls by Trump endorsed GOP opponent Harriet Hageman, was the politician most similar to jailed Putin critic Alex Navalny.

“Who’s the Navalny? Where’s the man or woman that’s willing to self-immolate over principle? You’re willing to end your career over principle,” Baldwin questioned. “And we do have one today. We do have one, who is the Navalny of our current political culture, and that’s Liz Cheney.”

The actor, who played former President Donald Trump recurrently on “Saturday Night Live,” said that he was “very, very, very heartened” to see Cheney “do the right thing,” when she crossed party lines to impeach Trump and headed the House Jan. 6 Committee. 

“I mean, even though her politics heretofore was not my cup of tea, and her father was somebody who was like a villain to me on a movie poster,” he continued. “Liz Cheney, to me, is someone who I would certainly consider a great candidate for some political appointment.”

Baldwin hammered the Navalny comparison home in an Instagram video he posted hours before the Wyoming vote count was finalized on Tuesday.  

“I’m very proud of Liz Cheney today, because of the circumstances under which she is likely to lose the primary in Wyoming for her congressional seat. This thought on my part was prompted by the movie Navalny,” he began. 

The film centers on Russia’s “Anti-Corruption Foundation” founder and his subsequent imprisonment on fraud charges under Putin’s regime. Baldwin lauded him for going back to Russia knowing that he was going to be arrested and sentenced. 

“But in his mind, he did what he had to do. Liz Cheney did what she had to do,” the “Glengarry Glen Ross” star said. “She knew that morally she had to risk it all—she had to risk it all in terms of her political career as a Republican to tell the truth about Trump and January 6th and so forth.”

“And if that meant falling on her sword politically, at least as far as elected politics in Wyoming is concerned, then she would do that—and she did,” Baldwin concluded.

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