All The Celebrities That Could Replace Ellen DeGeneres After Her Fall From Grace

Ellen DeGeneres is slated to begin filming the 18th season of her embattled talk show next month according to parent company Telepictures. But a viral hashtag on Twitter indicates that fans might stop watching the show unless she’s replaced with a host who can “be kind” to the production staff. 

Fans were shocked when a group of former staffers made allegations that the “Queen of Nice” was carelessly ruling over a toxic workplace, empowering senior management to intimidate and demean staff.  

As more employees have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct and racism by producers, DeGeneres was rumored to be looking to exit the show. However, the beleaguered host’s spokesperson confirmed production begins on August 24. 

The question is, will anyone be watching? Betrayed fans have been calling for Ellen’s removal and the hashtag #ReplaceEllen is trending on Twitter.  Here are their suggestions.  

Jennifer Garner

Why it could happen – The genuinely nice actress has been delighting her 9.4 million Instagram followers with hilarious down to earth videos throughout quarantine.

Why it might not – She stars in a new Netflix comedy, hawks credit cards for Capital One, runs an organic kid friendly food company, and Hydroboost’s Neutrogena’s skincare sales. A talk show might be one too many ventures to juggle. 

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Will Smith

Why it could happen – The iconic actor has been crushing social media with elaborate dance videos, pranks, and parodies. He’s proven his comedic chops in beloved sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and all three Bad Boys films. 

Why it might not – Smith may want to lay low after wife Jada’s romantic “Entanglement” recently put a spotlight on their marriage.  

James Corden

Why it could happen – The Late Late Show host is one of comedy’s hottest commodities, his Carpool Karaoke segments have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube. 

Why it might not – Corden has multi-year deal with rival network CBS, but his personality could keep him from landing the job… The host is notoriously rude.  

Kristen Bell

Why it could happen – The very relatable Frozen actress is already involved with DeGeneres’ show, she hosts the web-based show Momsplaining on Ellen’s YouTube channel. She’s definitely a contender.      

Why it might not – Even though The Good Place is over, Bell is voicing two upcoming shows, stars in the forthcoming film Queenpins, just published a children’s book, and runs a snack bar company.

Melissa McCarthy

Why it could happen – The actress is a proven comedic powerhouse with box office hits Bridesmaids, The Heat, Ghostbusters, and Life of the Party

Why it might not – The highly sought-after actress already has a packed schedule. She’s playing Ursula in Disney’s live action version of The Little Mermaid, acting beside James Corden in the action-comedy Superintelligence, just joined Nicole Kidman in a new Hulu series, and has two other films coming out. 

Ellen Page

Why it could happen – Replace one Ellen with another Ellen and the show can keep two-thirds of the title. 

Why it might not – Only one of these two Ellen’s is actually funny.

Tiffany Haddish

Why it could happen – Haddish’s star has been rising in comedy since her breakout performance in Girl’s Trip. She followed up with hits Night School alongside Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool, and took the lead in Like a Boss.   

Why it might not – Though she had a comedy special on Netflix, Haddish is inconsistent when live.  See her botched New Year’s standup below. 

Steve Carrell 

Why it could happen – Michael Scott is a national treasure.

Why it might not – Carrell is busy filming the Minions sequel, playing a fictional talk show host on The Morning Show, and wasting his talent on the critically panned Netflix show Space Force.

Wanda Sykes

Why it could happen – Sykes has made 33 appearances on the show, had comedy specials on Netflix and HBO, and hosted her own talk show.  

Why it might not – She’s known for controversial comedy.  At the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Sykes drew criticism for shockingly harsh partisan jokes. 

See the video below. 

Jennifer Anniston

Why it could happen – The Hollywood heavy hitter has been Ellen’s guest twenty times. Her high wattage star power could be enough to steer the show out of hot water.

Why it might not – Loyalty. Anniston and DeGeneres have been close friends since the 90’s. The Friends’ star was even the very first guest on Ellen’s show when it premiered in 2003.

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7 months ago

so, sohe is no longer LID’s sweet heard? How sad.
Anny way, why to even run this show any way, non of your choices even remotely appalling, like to Bell nut for example. Remember Snow White.

Yvette Leischer
Yvette Leischer
7 months ago

I will have to go with ether one of the Jennifer’s!

7 months ago

Just about ANYONE could replace Ellen and it would be an improvement. We already have enough talk shows, how about a HACK show? And get some actor whose career is slowly winding down to host it, adding humor and fun to helpful hints to help with different tasks.

Jane Stacy
6 months ago

the libs eat their own just leave her alone