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All The Celebrities Who Want To Abolish The Police

All The Celebrities Who Want To Abolish The Police

Several Celebrities have signed an open letter with the aim of defunding and abolishing the police. This should come as no shock as several in Hollywood decided to push bail money out to rioters and looters. Meet the Celebrities who are looking to defund and Abolish the Police:



11. Natalie Portman

Super Star Actress Natalie Portman was among those that signed the letter to defund the police. She also took the time to share the words of activist James Baldwin on progress for her Instagram audience.  


Gage Skidmore via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en) Wikipedia Commons


  1. Good, the hollyweird wh0res and perverts shouldn’t be “allowed” to buy their own private protection either, and those walls surrounding their ivory towers MUST GO as well….

  2. All the people you listed ain’t worth 2 cents put together and as far as Jane Fonda goes, she should have gone to prison after a Vietnam.

  3. They don’t care about the police because they have their own security. They couldn’t care less about all of us who don’t.

  4. Opinions on abolishing the police seem to be a fair marker of IQ. The talent in this bunch could almost fill a thimble.

    • A sure bet the bunch of them lack enough brain tissue to fill a thimble. Who will come running to help these mindless idiots when the mob turns on them, hm? Give it time. There will come a day they will plead for help and absolutely no one will hear. Pray tell, who will come to their aid?

  5. Most of these are freaks I’ve never heard of. A couple are the usual “useful idiots” that never know what the he(ll) they’re talking about, yet flap their gums anyway.

  6. I would like to defund all their bodyguard and private police for the actor and politicians.
    And increase the funding for all the police for training and equipment.
    These people are hypocrites because they want protection but they don’t care and you and I.

  7. I hope absolutely no one goes to the aid of anyone who wants to defund police. Thank you, ingrates. How mindlessly stupid you fools must be. But thank you for explaining exactly why I will never again buy a ticket to fund your lifestyle, ignorance, poor performance, etc.

  8. I can’t believe the looters and protestors don’t go to their houses…that is where the money and good junk is….of course they don’t need the police, they have armed guards…If we are eliminating the police then they shouldn’t be allowed to have guards either….How stupid are these people…I guess VERY….I would hope that one day the police can say, No you didn’t want us so please don’t call us

  9. Here’s the thing – where do celebrities get their money? From the dumba**es who go to their movies; buy their music; go to their concerts; patronize businesses that use them in their ads; buy magazines such as People that promote celebs; buy merchandise with their names on it; pay Netflix, etc., so you can see their films, hear their music, etc. When we stop spending our money on them, they will either shut up or get out!

  10. Where is “Tail gunner Joe” McCarthy when we really need him? China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea are destroying our nation from within. Through the likes of Hollywood elitist, former and current socialist politicos and the democrats Brown Shirts, ANTIFA, BLM.


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