All the Left’s Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Liberal Americans are so distrustful of the President, that they have come up with left-field conspiracy theories about Trump faking his positive test results for his own political gain. 

Here are some of their craziest theories: 

Deep Fake

Vulture writer Mark Harris thinks the President’s staff is concealing how sick he is by editing the “coughs” out of his video to “conceal shortness of breath.”

Concealing Oxygen

One Twitter user is convinced that Trump was disguising an “oxygen concentrator” underneath his mask while he boarded Marine One. 

It’s All a Distraction

CNN’s Joe Lockhart thinks the COVID-19 diagnosis was a distraction from Melania’s tapes, which were released to deter from Kimberly Guilfoyle’s recent headline.  

All Eyes on Me

Former NFL star Reggie Bush believes Trump is faking his diagnosis for an attention grab to reinvigorate his campaign. “It’s all a game and it’s all a reality tv show,” he wrote. “That’s what reality tv stars do.“

Poll Bump 

Hocus Pocus’ wicked witch Bette Midler reasons Trump’s diagnosis is an attempt to get a sympathy bump in poll ratings prior to the election.  

Drop Out

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mike Sington suggests Trump could be using his positive diagnosis as an excuse to drop out of the presidential race.  

Presidential Pardon

Ed Hull speculates that if Pence had to step in, he would be able to grant Trump a Presidential Pardon to prevent the Democrats from trying to prosecute him after Pence takes office.  

No More Debates

Another user ludicrously posits that he’s faking his illness to get out of more debates.

Infecting Biden

Or more nefariously, knowingly attempting to take out Biden with the virus at the Debate.  

Black Widow

Mike Sington’s other theory suggests the First Lady took off her mask to infect the Biden’s during the Sept. 29 Presidential Debate.  

Hydroxychloroquine Boost

Another user speculates Trump is faking the virus to emerge two weeks later, “100% cured by hydroxychloroquine,” to inflate sales.


On a similar tangent, one user theorizes the President is using his diagnosis to push the vaccine he announced.  

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