All The Stars Remembering John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of His Death

By Unidentified (Michiganensian is the University of Michigan yearbook published by University of Michigan) - 1972 Michiganensian, p. 203, Public Domain,

Tuesday marked the of anniversary of the senseless death of the former Beatle John Lennon. Forty years have passed since Mark David Chapman assassinated the singer at the entrance of his New York City home, in front of his wife Yoko Ono on December 8, 1980.  

Fellow Beatles, family, and friends paid tribute to the fallen singer on social media.  

Paul McCartney 

The Beatles singer tweeted: “I will always be proud and happy to have known and worked with this incredible Scouser!” 

Ringo Starr

The Beatles’ drummer had a request: “I’m asking Every music radio station in the world sometime today play Strawberry Fields.” 

Yoko Ono

Lennon’s wife is still mourning. “The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. After 40 years, Sean, Julian and I still miss him,” she wrote.

Julian Lennon

The singer’s eldest son, who he shared with Cynthia Powell, shared a sweet snap of his father.

Sean Lennon

Lennon’s only child with Yoko Ono posted a pic of the whole family on a boat.

Ben Stiller

The comic actor remembered Lennon’s death as one of the “most defining moments” of his life.

Michael Rapaport 

The actor posted footage from the Monday Night Football game that first announced Lennon’s death.  

Cat Stevens

The musician lamented that Lennon was “one of the architects of a futuristic peaceful world.”

Carol King

The “You’ve Got a Friend” singer simply posted the word “imagine.”

Maureen McCormick

The Brady Bunch actress wrote “strawberry fields forever.”

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Tony Winters
Tony Winters
5 months ago

Who the hell cares what these “Stars” can or cannot remember. If their brain was made out of C-$ explosive they couldn’t blow their own nose.