Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks Trump During Commencement Speech

Wikimedia Commons, By Gage Skidmore

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a low blow against President Trump during a livestreamed commencement address he gave to the graduating class of 2020.

He took a swipe at President Trump by holding up a degree from Trump University and implying that it was worthless.

As Fox News reports:

The 72-year-old “Terminator” actor appeared in a video in which he spoke directly to the students graduating in 2020 in an effort to soften the blow of in-person ceremonies being canceled across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actor discussed the importance of overcoming life’s obstacles and noted that commencement is a time to celebrate not just earning one’s degree, but the tireless hours they took to get there.

“You are celebrating that journey today. Not just a piece of paper that you hang on a wall,” the actor declared.

With that, Schwarzenegger held up an honorary doctorate he received from Trump University, Trump’s failed 2004 venture that was eventually shuttered following allegations of fraud.

“This is nothing,” the actor declared while holding the framed degree. “I mean we all have these pieces of paper, but let’s be honest. This celebration, by the way, is not the end. Yes, it is the end of this particular chapter, but it is the beginning of your next climb. It is time to celebrate now, be in the moment, go all out, yes of course. But tomorrow, when this is all over, it’s time to start developing your vision and it’s time to start climbing toward your vision.”

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Charles M
Charles M
1 year ago

Auhnold is a loser. An honorary graduating document. That means you’re too dumb too get one the real way. Also you need too wash the dirt off your face, cause you definetly can’t grow a beard.