Bill Nye Roasted For Teaming Up With Biden To Promote Infrastructure Bill

By Rhododendrites - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Bill Nye the Science Guy came under fire for promoting the White House’s “Build Back Better” plan in a TikTok video with President Joe Biden.

Nye posted the 82 second video on Tuesday, with the capiton “Consider the following… #infrastructure is #cool.” 

The self proclaimed “science icon,” touts Biden’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan while standing in front of the White House, before Biden, who is referred to as “Amtrak Joe,” appears halfway through.

“Please, consider the following,” Nye begins. “If you’re like me you want the US to be a bit better, and for that, we have two bills, and I’m not either one of them. I’m a bill, not an infrastructure bill.” 


Consider the following… #infrastructure is cool.

♬ original sound – Bill Nye

He goes on to explain how the House recently passed the exorbitant pricey bill to upgrade and improve roads, pipes, and powerlines, while noting that the plan will address climate change through home weatherization and the establishment of a civilian climate corp. 

“This would be something for people of all ages to get good union jobs here in the United States, so that we can, working together, build back better.” 

At that point Biden ambles into frame and says, “You’re using all my lines here.” Nye launches into the benefits of electric cars and the plan’s efforts to electrify ground transportation, “so we don’t have all this carbon in the air,” before claiming that he constantly cites the constitution’s clause for “the progress of science and useful arts.” 

When the video wraps, Nye declares that “infrastructure is cool” and cringely attempts to elbow bump Biden, who takes it in the forearm. The post drew more jeers than applause.

“Getting older is realizing that Bill Nye was government propaganda in elementary school,” commented Mike Hahn of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“If they’re just letting any guy with a mechanical engineering degree weigh in on the infrastructure debate, my dad’s got some opinions…” The President of the The Lafayette Company Ellen Carmichael tweeted.

“Our @POTUS has not found time to visit Waukesha and meet with the families destroyed by the (accused) murderer & racist who mowed down dozens,” conservative radio host Mike Opelka accused. “He did make it to MN to sell his massive bill and then made this with another worthless Bill. #propaganda

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