Blake Shelton’s ‘tone deaf’ new song ‘Minimum Wage’ sparks backlash

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“The Voice” coach declared his love for fiancé Gwen Stefani on NBC’s New Year’s Eve television special with his new song “Minimum Wage,” but the lyrics of the tune left fans questioning if the wealthy country crooner has become ‘tone deaf’ to the plight everyday Americans are facing during the pandemic.  

Tone Deaf

One user questioned if viewers found the song to be “tone deaf” to the country’s current state.

Beer on the Carpet

One commenter replied: “Yep. Especially considering he’s most definitely not drinking “beer on the carpet” whatever that means…” 

Reality of Minimum Wage

Another responded: “Not sure if Blake realizes that minimum wage is $7.25 people can’t pay rent on that let alone take care of a family.”

The Voice

A commenter jokingly posted that she couldn’t believe Shelton and Stefani were only paid $7.25 an hour for their work on “The Voice.”

Target Audience

One viewer tweeted: “The irony of listening to a millionaire Blake Shelton singing about “love on minimum wage” at the end of 2020 might be lost on its target audience.” 


Someone tweeted the obvious: “Yes of course @gwenstefani can make a dude on minimum wage feel rich cuz she’s a millionaire. Are you working at the Home Depot now or something? Wanna pay my rent?”

Calling It

Another posted that someone with a net worth of more than $100 million singing about minimum wage, “shows an arrogant disrespect for millions of underpaid workers who lost jobs and struggle to feed families while he jets around the country saying “all you need is love”.

Stimulus Checks

One bitter tweeter wrote: “Can you also make a song called Stimulus checks for struggling Americans?”


One commenter concluded that Shelton” should donate the proceeds of #MinimumWage to the ppl trying to survive on it.”

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3 years ago


downing hitt
downing hitt
3 years ago

someone is always offended about something-so what-we are living in a terrible time-just stay out from my driveway-i am still calling the shots here-and will keep on-i am offended cause u are offended

3 years ago

Shelton was lost the day he hooked into Gwen Stefani, the ex-wife of one of the most virulent Satanists in the Hollywood crowd. She is not a good person, no matter what she wants you to think. She took Christian Blake Shelton and turned him inside out. He will not be ok again until he pulls free from that (Literal) witch. There are photos of her at Marina Abromovich “dinners…” Nuff said.

2 years ago
Reply to  vickie