Brazilian President Torches Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo On Twitter

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro went after “Avengers” star Mark Ruffalo on Twitter, after the actor trashed him in a social media post directed at President Biden.

[email protected]: the man you are meeting with today does not respect democracy and consistently threatens a coup. As the 1/6 hearings begin, remember to stand on the side of democracy,” Ruffalo tweeted on Thursday.

The same day, Ruffalo posted a report that the Brazilian government has been largely “absent” from searching for missing journalist Dom Phillips, an environmental reporter working on a book about the country’s decimation of the rainforest, and the Indgenous people who reside within it. 

Bolsonaro went off in a scathing Twitter rant that knocked his “Avengers” character and his reading comprehension.  

“Dear Mark Ruffles, calm [down]! I’m sure you have never read the Brazilian Constitution, but I can assure you it’s nothing like the complicated Hulk scripts you have to memorize:”AHGFRR”. Read it and you’ll find out I’m not only respecting it, but protecting Brazil’s rule of law,” Bolsonaro wrote

He said that records reflect that his government has always been on the side of democracy, but noted that “It’s the Brazilian left (your masters) who wants to control the press, curb freedom of speech, censor the internet and financially support dictatorships like Cuba and Venezula, not me.”

Bolsonaro then broke it down for Ruffalo in terms he believed the Marvel actor would understand.  

“Let me make it simple: if Captain America was elected by +55million people and Thanos, who is a foreigner and doesn’t know anything about the US, tries to interfere in the American territory or electoral process, it’s Thanos and not the Captain who is [disrespecting] democracy,” he posted in a follow up. 

Bolsonaro took a parting shot at Ruffalo’s portrayal of the angry green monster. “By the way, the original Hulk was much cooler. He didn’t need a computer to look strong and actually understood something about nature,” he concluded.

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