Candace Owens feuds with “illiterate” Cardi B over Biden interview

Rapper Cardi B and Candice Owens engaged in social media warfare after the conservative author called the rapper’s interview with Joe Biden “one of the biggest insults” to black people, and the “WAP” artist accused Owens of having an “identity crisis” by marrying a white man.  

Their feud started on Sunday night when Owens shared a clip of her interview on The Ben Shapiro Show, where she blasted Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden for coming out of hiding to do a “pandering” interview with “illiterate rapper” Cardi B, because “she has millions of followers” on Instagram, rather than correspondent who would ask “tough questions.”

“It is one of the biggest insults. If black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement, you know, for the entire year, made an appearance to come out because he was going do an interview with Cardi B. Do we have nothing better to offer?” Owens questioned. “This would be akin to Donald Trump deciding to give an interview to Justin Bieber.”

Cardi B clapped back with a tweet embedded with a video of her sister involved in a beach altercation with a man wearing a MAGA hat. “You wanna know why Joe gotta talk to me Candice cause I have the #1 song & yet my sister can’t go to the beach in the Hamptons wit out trump supporters harassing.”

Owens jabbed back that “Biden “gotta talk” to you because you have the number 1 song and Santa Claus was harassing your sister?” Cardi B responded that she has a “huge platform and I can make millions go vote.”

The two sparred back and forth series of Sunday tweets and Instagram posts, with Owens saying that neither Biden or Sanders know the rapper’s music and “they think you’re dumb.” Cardi blasted back “MASA did you dirty,” when Trump didn’t tap Owens to speak at the RNC.  

Owens’ told the rapper to stick to music, “When you dabble in politics, you will get called out for platforming ignorance.”

Cardi B bit back with a series of since deleted Instagram videos that accused Owens of having an “identity crisis” and alleging that her white father-in-law belonged to a group of “Upper-class KKK in the United Kingdom.”  She continued that “Just because she’s [Owens] black, doesn’t mean she give a f*** about blacks.”

In her own Instagram post, Owens mocked the rapper with a plush sheep. “Stop reading your DNC script. You look ridiculous.” 

Cardi trolled Owens with one of the commentator’s old tweets, where she predicted that Cardi B would be part of the “black revolution for free thought.” Then followed up Monday with a photo of President Trump surrounded by people seemingly praying over him. “This is what PANDERING looks like,” she stated.   

Owen’s told followers, “Never listen to a millionaire that made it here in America, but trashes our country.”  Then added a photo of her face superimposed on a photo of Michael Jordan dunking on a New York Knicks player with Cardi B’s face. “She is still tweeting about me,” Owens crowed. “I broke @iamcardib.”


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5 months ago

globalist $oro$ puppet cardio d wouldn’t be anything if she didn’t take the oath to preach all the globalist agendas then globalists would not allow her noise to be played on their radio stations .

5 months ago

Cardi B, a piece of human waste that somehow manage to escape the sewer where she crawled out from, She is not all that great and in my world, just another disapointed misguided child that truly believes she is owed everything in this world, Not!

9 days ago

CardiB is an ex- stripper with the ex? in question. Pretty much sums up her mental acuity.