Candace Owens is “Not Sorry” for Trashing Harry Styles for Wearing a Dress

Conservative author Candace Owens won’t apologize for her scathing critique of singer Harry Styles for sporting an effeminate look on the cover of Vogue magazine. 

Here are all the ways Owens and her liberal critics clashed on social media:

Just Vogue

Styles made history as the first solo man to appear on the cover of American Vogue, but appeared in less than manly fashion when he wore a designer ball gown.  

Candace Comments

Owens was less than impressed with his look. “There is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this,” she tweeted Saturday. “In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.” 

Harry’s Fans

Owens endured an onslaught of comments from fans defending the musician. When one sent her a collage of other rocker’s in dresses, she replied: “I’m impervious to woke culture. Showing me 50 examples of something won’t make it any less stupid.”


When Owens noticed she was trending on Twitter, she doubled down on her commentary.  “I meant: Bring back manly men,” she wrote. “Sorry I’m not sorry.”



After blogger Matt Walsh commented that “a bunch of whiney idiots are mad she said men who wear dresses aren’t manly,” Owens replied: “Wait until they find out that I also think women should be feminine— and I enjoy cooking for and taking care of my husband. DEFCON 1.”

Celebrities React

Hollywood stars rushed to defend Styles’… Style. Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood told Owens, “I think you’ve missed the definition of what a man is. masculinity alone does not make a man, in fact it’s got nothing to do with it.”


Owens clapped back with a hilarious reply: “DON’T TEMPT ME, FRODO!!!”

Jameela Jamil 

The Good Place actress, who is also a fellow Brit, commented that Styles is “plenty manly” and “104% perfect.”

Wigging Out

In a follow-up tweet, she posted an image of actor Nicholas Holt in a period wig on the set of 2018’s The Favourite.  “Also… this was at one time considered very manly, she wrote. “Wigs, make up, tights, frills… maybe this is the comeback of the “manly man.””


Zach Braff

Scrubs star Zach Braff retorted: “Our whole lives boys and men are told we need to be manly. Life is short. Be whatever the f–k you want to be.”

Olivia Wilde

The Booksmart director had few, but harsh words for Owens. “You’re pathetic,” she replied.   

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Honest Abe
Honest Abe
3 months ago

I’m with you, Candace! Are all these dress wearing girly men just wannabe women?

3 months ago

I am 100%with you also Candice. What ever happen to real men? Why are they doing crap like this? It makes me sick as a men to see men doing that.

3 months ago

i say it all needs to be sopped now. everyone needs to take up arms and get all this over with once and for all

Ingrid Forsberg
Ingrid Forsberg
3 months ago

Weird. This is not 1955, that is for sure.