Chelsea Handler Blasts Alma Mater For Honoring Chris Christie Over Her

Wikimedia Commons, By David Shankbone

Comedian Chelsea Handler complained that her New Jersey high school inducted the state’s former governor, Chris Christie, into their hall of fame, but left her out for getting multiple abortions.

Handler, 47, who filled in this week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” while the host was on vacation, admitted to having three abortions while she was in high school during Monday’s opening monologue.  

The next day she flamed her former high school for rejecting her from their Hall of Fame, which she claimed was because she has been so outspoken about getting the divisive medical procedure.  

“I recently found out that my high school in New Jersey, Livingston High School, is refusing to induct me into their alumni Hall of Fame,” she said during Tuesday’s monologue. “Jason Alexander and Chris Christie made it, but not me. Apparently, the school is upset about how much I talk about my abortions, so I decided to start a grassroots campaign.”

“You should donate to Planned Parenthood, and then march, and then vote, but after you’re done with that, go online and tweet a message to the school district for my alma mater @LivSchools,” Handler urged viewers. 

“Let them know how you feel about this gross injustice and use the hashtag #Hall4Handler,” the comedian concluded. “Have fun with it. Make me proud,” she concluded. “Livingston High, the hall is in your court.”

A spokesperson for Livingston Public Schools said that Handler was “not refused for the LEF Hall of Fame,” and that they told her representatives in early 2022 that she would be considered for the honor when they bring the Hall of Fame event back in the near future. 

During Monday night’s show, Handler took aim at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) about abortion legislation.  

“By the way, Kevin McCarthy … let’s talk about what it means to be pro-life. Universal health care, that’s pro-life. Restricting guns, that’s also pro-life. Fighting climate change, that’s also pro-life. Listening to doctors during a pandemic, also pro-life.” She snarked. “But your party opposes all of those things. Calling Republicans pro-life is like calling O.J. Simpson pro-wife.”

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