Dave Chappelle Rips Libs for Canceling Rapper Over Offending LGBT but not for Killing Black Man

Wikimedia Commons, By GabboT

Comedian Dave Chappelle once again took aim at left-wing cancel culture in his new comedy special entitled ‘The Closer.’

Chappelle dropped the mother of all bombs on his liberal viewers when he joked about how rapper ‘Da Baby’ was canceled for marking remarks critical of the LGBT community but not for allegedly killing a man.

As The New York Post reports:

Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special, “The Closer,” has only just dropped on Netflix, but it’s already making headlines due to a controversial joke made at the expense of rapper DaBaby.

Chappelle, who is well-known for his withering jokes about race and sexuality, quips that killing a black man in the United States is less offensive than upsetting members of the LGBTQ community — and he cites DaBaby’s career downfall as proof.

Back in 2018, DaBaby admitted to fatally shooting a 19-year-old man inside a North Carolina Walmart, claiming he acted in self-defense. Prosecutors soon dropped the case against him before he went on to release two critically acclaimed, chart-topping albums.

However, DaBaby’s career came crashing down in July of this year, when he made a series of homophobic remarks at a concert in Miami. Music festival organizers dropped him from a series of star-studded shows, which prompted him to complain that he had been “canceled.”

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