‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Reveals He Carried On Secret Affair, Has Love Child

Wikimedia Commons, By Phil Robertson

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson has now revealed a stunning truth to the world: that years ago he had a secret affair that produced a love child.

As The New York Post reports:

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has revealed that he had an affair years ago and, unbeknownst to him, fathered a now-45-year-old daughter.

The 74-year-old — who has been married to “Miss Kay” Robertson since 1966 — only found out about his daughter a few months ago, after the woman underwent DNA testing and then reached out to his children, Robertson and kids Al, Jase, Jep and Willie said on his “Unashamed” podcast.

Al explained that he and Jase each received letters from a woman named Phyliss three months ago claiming to be his sister.

“So basically, it was from a woman who said that by a DNA search, she thinks that Dad might be her dad,” Al said, adding that he had at first “dismissed” the letter because the time of the affair was after Phil had become a Christian in the ’70s.

Now that DNA tests have confirmed that Robertson is, in fact, the father, there are now plans for him and his now 45-year-old daughter to meet for the first time and finally reunite.

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1 year ago

But what can we expect from the so-called reporters now days, they wouldn’t know what the real news was unless they are told it was news, then it wouldn’t be reported correctly.